Top 10 Android Apps for August 2017

AppInfo Mini

appinfo mini Best top 10-Android-Apps

The first app in August’s list of top 10 Android apps is AppInfo Mini. The app sits in your notification panel and shows the resource usage of foreground app. It gives you information about RAM usage and Size of the foreground app. It also shows how much of WiFi and Mobile data the app used in last 30 days.

If you check notification from your home screen/launcher, the app will show system wide usage instead of the usage of foreground app. The system wide usage will show Memory, Storage, and battery usage along with total WiFi and Mobile data used in last 30 days.

The app is very useful to know which app is using most of your RAM and is slowing down your phone. It is free to use and does not have any intrusive ads to slow down your work flow. You can, however, buy a premium version which lets you change notification icon or to remove ads from the app.

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Motion Stills


Motion stills is a new app by Google which lets you create live photos on Android devices. Live Photos is a feature of iOS which allows users to record a short 3-second clip and save it as an image. These images with motion are like GIFS but can only be shared across iOS eco-system. But Motion Stills app is a bit more flexible. It allows you to record and share images in two different formats GIF and MP4.

It also has other features like the ability to mute audio and stabilize the image which works perfectly.

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Firefox Focus

Firefox-Focus-Best-Android-privacy Apps

Firefox Focus is a new browser from Mozilla. It is a dedicated privacy browser with tracking protection and content blocking. It automatically deletes website data (like history, cache, cookies etc) from your smartphone once you exit the app. The app has built-in support for blocking ads, analytics trackers, and social media trackers. Blocking these trackers helps load a website faster.

There is also a stealth mode which hides website detail that you’ve visited from the recent apps list and also blocks you or any app from taking a screenshot. You can also block web fonts from settings to make you browsing even more faster but that may result in some missing icons or images.

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5217-best android productivity apps

5217 is an app that helps you improve productivity. It is based on a study published by The Muse in summer of 2014. According to them, the most productive cycle is comprised of 52 minutes of work followed by a 17-minute break and this app lets you achieve that. The app has a simple home screen which lets you start your cycle by pressing the button in middle and after 52 minutes it will send you a notification to rest.

The app has a simple home screen which lets you start your cycle by pressing the button in middle and after 52 minutes it will send you a notification to rest. If you are running Android 7.1+ then you can use launcher shortcuts to start and stop cycles.

5217 also has native Android Wear support so you can start, stop and interact with its notification from your watch. It also integrates with Google Play Games to give you goals to achieve for extra motivation to stay productive.

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Direct Chat

direct chat Best top 10-Android-Apps

Direct chat is not another app that lets you chat with friends and family. Instead, it integrates with other chat apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Allo etc to let you reply to messages without opening the app.

The app allows you to create ChatHeads for the 16 messenger apps that it supports. The setup process is very simple. You just have to open the app, go to Apps section and enable the apps for which you want to create ChatHeads. Then, whenever you receive a message, a ChatHead will pop-up on your screen allowing you to reply to that message.

The app is very useful if you use multiple messaging apps. It stacks ChatHeads on top of each other for clean arrangement and also has a DND mode to pause ChatHeads temporarily.

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Inkwire Screen Share + Assist

inkwire top 10 android apps august

Inkwire is a screen sharing app for Android. It lets you share your screen with another Android user over a secure connection. The main screen of the app is very simple. It has an option to Share your screen or lets you access someone else’s screen. While sharing, a 12-digit code is generated which can be entered in access tab of the device to which you want to share the screen.

You can also, optionally, start voice chat or draw on the screen to guide users through their issue.

This app is very useful for helping friends or family members with phone troubles or to teach them how to use a certain app when you can’t physically access their phone.

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Sesame Shortcuts


If you are using Android 7.1+ then you’ll be familiar with a new feature called Launcher Shortcuts. Long pressing any app icon on the home screen (or in app drawer) brings up a list of shortcuts. For example, long pressing the chrome app brings up a shortcut to directly open the app in incognito mode. These shortcuts are useful but Sesame shortcuts bring these shortcuts to the next level.

This app has 100+ pre-loaded shortcuts for most used apps such as Contacts, WhatsApp, Settings etc. It also allows you to create your own shortcuts that show up in Nova launcher. It integrates into Nova App search which allows you to search inside an app directly from Nova App search.

The app can be used in any device running Android 4.4+ and the latest beta version of Nova Launcher.

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Google Trips

Google-Trips-planner-top 10-Android-Apps

I recently stumbled upon this app on Google Play Store and found it very useful. Google Trips is basically a travel planner app with lots of features. It can automatically gather your travel reservations (flight, hotel, car rental and restaurant bookings etc.) from Gmail and organize them.

It shows you popular tourist places, things to do, food and drink suggestions, and more. You can also see when those places are open and also their reviews and ratings from other travelers. Also, You can access all the saved info offline.

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Purchased Apps

purchased apps on google play

Google has no simple way to find out which apps you have bought in the Play Store. It is frustrating for everyone who purchases a lot of apps. This app lets you check which apps you have purchased in Google Play Store. Just download this app and allow access to the account for which you want to check purchased apps.

You can sort the list by name or date. It also allows you filter apps based on Installation status and Purchase type.

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Wonderwall Wallpapers

Wonderwall-Best Android wallpaper Apps

A top 10 Android apps list can never be complete without a great wallpaper app and Wonderwall Wallpapers is the app for this month. It has a large collection of high-quality landscape wallpapers and the developer adds new wallpapers every day so you never run out of new wallpapers.

The app itself has a beautiful user interface and is 100% free to use with no ads. It also has an Autoset feature which sets a new wallpaper for you every day automatically and you can completely customize this feature to your own preference.

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If you have any suggestions for next month’s Top 10 Android apps and games list then please comment below. I’d love to check out apps that you guys suggest!


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