Best Android Games: August 2017

SUP : Multiplayer Racing

Best Android Games – SUP Multiplayer Racing

SUP is an online multiplayer racing game where you compete with 3 opponents in real time. The game has a good collection of cars including Muscle Cars, Monster trucks, Rally cars and more. Each car has its own ability which is triggered by using all three boosts at the same time. You earn in-game Diamonds and SUP Gold which can be used to upgrade your cars, and buy custom skins.

TBH, This is one of the best Android game that I’ve ever played.

The game also allows you to create your own racks on which other players can race. They also vote for your track which in return gives you Diamonds. There are also weekly events in which you can participate to win Diamonds, Gold, and new cars.

SUP-Multiplayer-Racing android
SUP Multiplayer Racing
SUP Multiplayer Racing android
SUP Multiplayer Racing

The only new feature that I would like to see in this game is the ability to play offline (or online) with friends. Right now, the game just connects you to random players.

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Flippy Knife

Flippy Knife / Best Android Games August 2017

I found this game just a week ago and I already love this game. This is a simple game where you swipe to throw a knife and it has to land on the other wooden platform. I know it sounds easy but it is not. As you play more, you unlock different knives, sabers, swords, and badges.

This game has four mini-games in it; ComboArcade, Climb, and Target. Combo is the easiest where you just swipe up to flip the knife (and make sure to land it correctly) to get the best combo.


Climb, in my opinion, is the hardest. In this, you have to catch a drone by climbing up a wall. In Target, you throw the knives at a target like a dart game. Arcade lies in the middle of all these levels. This is the level I play all the time. It’s neither too hard nor too easy. In this, you go from one wooden furniture to another and you get coins for a successful landing.

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Dan The Man

/ Best Android Games August 2017 / Dan The Man

Dan The Man is another awesome game from Halfbrick Studios, the developers of popular games like Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash and more. It is a 2D Arcade game where you play as Dan, super girl Josie or Barry Steakfries to fight with the enemies and bosses using your special skills and weapons.

Stages in Dan The Man

It also has a great (and funny) storyline, cool fighting skills and an awesome arsenal of weapons. On top of that, the game is completely free to play with some optional in-app purchases but you can disable them in the settings menu.

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/Best Android Games August 2017 / Parallyzed
Gameplay Screenshot – Best Android Games August 2017

It is an adventure platformer set in a dark and enchanting dreamscape.

You play as twin sisters, Blue and Red. The twin sisters have the ability to swap bodies at any time and you have to make their way through the spooky landscape using this ability. The controls are easy, you tap on the right of the screen to swap bodies and tap left to jump. And, the only objective is to match each sister’s color and size while going through obstacles.

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Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed: No Limits is another racing game by Electronic Arts. It has got great graphics, customizable real-world cars, and a few different racing modes. The game has everything you expect from a ‘Need for Speed’ title, adrenaline-fueled driving, drifting, clash with local crews and cops.

The game has several different gaming modes including Career mode, Car series, different seasons and special events. It is also a free game that includes optional in-app purchases.

The only thing I don’t like about this game is that you always have to be online to play this game even if you only want to play the campaign.

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If you have any suggestions for next month’s best Android games or apps list then please comment below. I’d love to check out games/apps that you guys suggest!


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